We provide counseling services for early stage companies  such as: the type of company they should establish, the share holder’s agreement of the company, stock option plans, preparation of board of directors and general assembly resolutions, drafting confidentiality agreements, protection of intellectual property rights and protection of personal data.

We work closely with founders in order to minimize the future conflict between them and the investors by establishing share structures that protects the entity’s interest above all else.

We work closely with investors and founders in their capital-raising process to form the most healthy structuring for their seed and angel financing rounds.

Because of our deep experience with the rooted startups of Turkey, we are able to counsel companies in structuring seed and angel financings that works for both the company and the investors in a fast and cost-effective manner.

We pay special attention to legal structuring and compliance of the early stage startups that we represent, so that in a venture financing process the startup can close the legal documentation and due diligence process in a timely and financially efficient manner.

In order to take legal precautions  we prepare the necessary non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements for your contractual employees and outsource service providers to protect the trade secrets of your company.

As your venture grows, your brand gains value and grows in parallel with your growth. It is crucial for early stage startups to take the necessary steps to distinguish their products and services from their competitors at later stages. We offer you support for taking the aforementioned steps and protecting your company’s IP rights to the fullest extent.

From the early stages of the startups, we provide the necessary services to protect the IP rights of the products, technologies or designs that the enterprise or founders wish to protect.

On the investor side we provide services such as conducting the necessary legal due diligince processes and preparing audit reports for the company or companies that you are interested in investing.

We provide legal support for the preparation of share transfer agreements, subscription and share holder’s agreements, negotiating the aforementioned agreements with the companies to be invested in, preparing complex share holding arrangements, preparing escrow and other relevant agreements.


Whether you are an entrepreneur who takes their first steps into the startup ecosystem or an experienced investor, we would like to know more about you and your project so please feel free to contact us from startup@ilhanlibaser.comfor any questions you might have.

Services for founders and start-ups

  • foundation of companies
  • start-up financing
  • intra-shareholder relations
  • drafting commercial agreements
  • data protection
  • know-how protection and non-disclosure agreeements
  • IP (trademark, design, copyright) registration
  • specialty laws (e-commerce, travel, etc)
  • regulatory affairs (banking and data protection agencies, etc)
  • software and licensing agreements
  • employment matters, including employee incentive programmes
  • exits

Services for investors

  • legal due diligence
  • investment and exit structuring
  • transaction documents, including investment agreements and shareholders agreements
  • joint ventures
  • dispute resolution, arbitration, litigation
  • restructuring and refinancing
  • convertible loan agreements